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Finally, here is our new Zoo Page. I hope you enjoy it. This shot of Bruno, the male Orangutan above, was taken at the L.A.Zoo, and I'd pay attention to him if I were you. Just kidding!! They are a pleasure to observe. This and many more are included in this section. I will add photos from other places here occasionally, but most will be from the Zoo. My name is John Fields, and my wife, Mary Ellen, has been my better half for 25 wonderful years, through photo after photo. If you have time, please visit my other pages. I am trying to make these pages something special for all of us. Therefore, I would greatly appreciate any comments or suggestions you'd care to make. Please Stay Tuned for more!





















We've have completely renovated and enlarged our Hawaii Underwater  page. You'll also find a SPECIAL FOR KID'S SECTION   where we have a zoo book. Coloring pages will be added this weekend.






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